We are Machinae Albae
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • MLOps
  • R&D
  • Document Automation
  • Legal Document Data Mining
  • Al Chatbots and Decision Support Systems
  • Smart Messengers & Broadcast Lists

We are Machinae Albae

We create smart, fast, and beautiful apps. Machinae Albae works in the field of artificial intelligence, conversational systems, and customer communication systems.

Our main task is to find best practices in science and innovation and use them to solve specific business problems.

Natural Language Processing

We teach machines to understand people so that people understand each other better.

Text processing, smart search, data extraction and analysis, chatbots, and automatic knowledge base building.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Our company specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on machine learning.

We design and implement services using artificial neural networks, develop our architecture, and achieve the performance needed to solve real-world problems.


Ongoing training, testing, and improvement of machine learning models is the key to making sure your solution solves your business problems, not just demonstrating results on test data.

Train, test, deploy, enhance!


Present us with a challenge: our team will gather best practices, test key hypotheses, and propose a solution.

Documents Automation

Our main specialization is working with unstructured texts — documents, letters, orders.

We create solutions that do not disrupt the normal workflow, integrating into your business processes (for example, connecting our solutions directly to your project management system).

Legal Documents Data Mining

Legal documents are characterized by simple vocabulary and complex grammatical structure, we've designed solutions that retrieve, verify, and analyze legal texts.

Al Chatbots and Decision Support Systems

Not just an autoresponder - we create solutions that are context-sensitive and deliver real value.

Technical support, surveys, gathering initial information and preparing prompts for the support specialist.

Smart Messengers Broadcast Lists

Our solutions let you send your customer a detailed, tailored, interactive business proposal.

More than just a mailing, we're committed to capturing your customer's attention from the first message.